Mentorship Program

In generations past, the family business would pass from one generation to the next, the older generation teaching the younger generation the “ropes” in the process. This was a form of mentoring, of passing on career knowledge gained through experience. Today, it is more common for each generation to find it’s own way. As a family, our parents and grandparents worked hard so that their children could obtain formal educations and move into the professional ranks. We have been fortunate in this regard.

However, in today’s professional climate, sons of doctors become lawyers, daughters of accountants become engineers, and the old method of passing on career knowledge from parent to child becomes less knowledge and more guess work with each succeeding generation. It is the goal of the Mentoring Program to regain the benefits of that generational knowledge.

Within the Rashid family, we have relatives in virtually all walks of life. Each has charted a successful course through his/her career, and gained valuable knowledge and skills along the journey. The Mentoring Program is intended to make that knowledge available to family members just starting out in their chosen fields by pairing experienced and novice members, with common career interests, together. This pairing will allow our young cousins to have someone with career experience in their field review a resume, suggest college courses, pass on information about the profession or industry, and generally share some insight about the working world.

Keep our traditions alive, participate in the Mentoring Program.

For information on becoming a mentor, or seeking a mentor, contact:
Steve Rashid:
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